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The Expansion Fleet Database Article Policy determines the requirements and limits in where articles may be added, modified or deleted on this database.

Who can contribute?

Any visitor may contribute, after having created an account and being logged in. Any member is therefore free to add articles conform the Article Policy, or modify them by correcting mistakes or adding information or images.

What articles are allowed?

Any articles are allowed fitting any of the following criteria:

  • Everything directly or indirectly concerned to Expansion Fleet and/or Star Trek.
  • Any explanatory terms related to any of the articles.
  • Any redirects to an article, if related to the article.

What is not allowed?

The following is not allowed:

  • Subjective/neutral articles (e.g. "This is the best Star Trek species")
  • Hate propaganda
  • Vulgar writing
  • Articles that do not meet the criteria to be allowed, as stated above.
  • Blank out any article
  • Spam

Article layout

Please use the standard layout used on most articles of Expansion Fleet Database, when setting up your own article:

  • The first time the article's title appears in the text, it should be in bold, and this should occur in the first line of the text.
  • Any words that have (or should have) an article of their own, should be linked
  • Articles of more than one block of text, should be split up in sub-titles (headlines).
  • Site references or sources wherever possible. If available, include external links to the sources. These sources and references should be at the bottom of the article.
  • Add the article to the appropriate category.

Modifying an article

Articles may be modified or added to according to the same regulations as for creating articles. Articles may be modified for the following reasons:

  • To correct an error.
  • To adjust incorrect information.
  • To update an article of which the information is outdated.
  • To make the article conform the regulations.
  • To add more information to the article.
  • To add relevant pictures to the article.
  • To update links.
  • To make the layout conform Expansion Fleet Database standards.

Article deletion policy

An article may be nominated for deletion for the following reasons:

  • The article is irrelevant for the Expansion Fleet Database.
  • The article does not comply with the regulations of being hate propaganda or anything similar.
  • The article is spam.
  • The article consists entirely or largely false information.

Expansion Fleet Database does NOT support the policies of the Deletionist. Any member nominating an article for deletion, or voting in favour for deletion, is expected to be well informed about the article's subject, and have researched thoroughly in order to have a valid vote. Each vote should go along with one or more profound arguments.

Tagging an article

If an article does not comply with the regulations, it should be tagged with the appropriate Templates.


This policy may be modified or added to at any time without warning, and any modifications are immediately valid.