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Planet name
Planet type
Class M
Location in space
Deep space, close to the SE-entrance of the Dark Passage
Planet diameter
approximately 14,000 kilometers
Planetary mass
7 x 1024 kg
Length of day
32 hours, 49 minutes
Planetary ring system
Atmospheric composition
36% Oxygen, 59% Nitrogen, 5% other elements (argon, neon, helium, hydrogen)
The planet exists for 70% of oceans and 30% of land, mainly to be forests. The weather conditions are known to be rough at times, such as heavy storms. Most storms are usually located over the oceans. The location of the station has been based on the statistics claiming certain places to be safer against storms than others. It is scientifically proven that the storms are caused by some effect of the planetary rings. Therefore, the areas closest to the rings are usually most influenced by the storms.