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The Delta Alliance logo.

The Delta Alliance

The Delta Alliance is a Confederation of several species, not unlike how the United Federations of Planets began, except that in this case, it is located in the Delta Quadrant. The Delta Alliance began as a formation of three species: the Nygeans (of a far Nygean independent colony), the Talonions and the Yzakians. Over time, more and more species joined the Alliance, expanding its territory and making the end balance to a total of nine members now.

Member Species

Delta Alliance capital on Nygea Delta Colony

The following are the founding member species of the Delta Alliance:

The following are the joined member species:


The main goal of the Delta Alliance is the peaceful uniting of several different species, in order to exchange valuable scientific knowledge, to trade, and to stand as one against the dangerous perils of the Delta Quadrant: the Borg, Species 8472, Hirogen, and other threaths. The Delta Alliance strives for Balance in the galaxy, where everyone can be free and no harm is done to the universe. The Delta Alliance's first General Order states this:

The chief goal of the Delta Alliance is to PRESERVE or RESTORE the Intergalactic Balance in the universe. This means:

  • create and maintain a safe environment to live in for yourself and others
  • treat the nature of the universe with respect
  • restore whatever damage may have been done to the nature ofthe universe (e.g. by war)
  • oppose all forms of war, and those who promote it
  • expand your knowledge to strive for a better understanding of the universe

The Round Table logo.
The High Queen's Royal Garden.
Another view of the Royal Garden.
Delta Alliance Round Council Convention.


The Delta Alliance is governed by one High Queen, who resides in her Palace on Nygea Delta Colony, the capital planet of the Alliance, where also the Delta Alliance Head Quarters is located. It is here that all important decisions concerning the Alliance, are made, but not only by the High Queen herself. She surrounds herself with Representatives, and sometimes their assistants. Each member species of the Delta Alliance has one Representative, and one Representative Assistant, in the Round Council Convention. The High Queen may not favour one member species above the other, no matter what their customs are, no matter their culture, and no matter how much space they govern. At the Round Council Convention, all member species, and thus all Representatives, are equal. That is why a round table is chosen for all council meetings.

The rules and laws of the Delta Alliance have become a mixture of rules and laws of each of the member species, though the main parts are taken from the three founding members: the Nygeans, the Talonions and the Yzakians. The Nygean judge system of Vekto Valek K'Vadim, or "favour the victim", has been incorporated entirely, while the Yzakian pacific ideals have been added partially as well: the preservation of life at all costs, the avoiding of war, and non-security space ships are not even allowed to carry any kind of weaponry, either on board or installed to the ship. Medical and technological activity increased in quality and became better organised, after the joining of the Naederians and Traquel as members of the Delta Alliance. One of the accomplishments of the cooperation between the different member species, is Nayara, the vacation planet of the Delta Alliance.

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The main tribune of the palace, from where the High Queen performs her speeches.

The royal park of the High Queen's palace.