Delta Alliance History

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2100 - 2125

The Torran species achieve warp technology.

2125 The Torrans colonize the planet called "Torran King".

2150 The Nygeans colonize the planet Nygea Delta.

2150 - 2200 Period of religious wars among the Nigillians.


Discovery of the Quantum Singularity Network in space, by Nigillian astronomers. Nigillians believe this to be a sign of their Gods, and the religious wars end as their homeworld is united in one religion.


First Torran Revolution: Eltar becomes the new leader of the Torran Empire, and expands its territory in an interstellar war against the Estaborns, New Humans and the Beldorasin. Only the New Humans could not be defeated.


The Yzakians reach the industrial age. Pollution of their homeworld begins and will last more than a century.


The Borg expands its territory and mounts an attack on the Traquel. Many Traquels are assimilated.


The Traquel create Artificial Intelligence Droids to protect them against possible future attacks from the Borg.


Estimated time where the Great Battles between the Na’jigat and the Gallifreyans move beyond the “Great Barrier” around the Galaxy Core, into the Delta Quadrant.


The Traquel Droids begin to evolve to a higher state of consciousness, and wish to become independent from the Traquel. The Traquel agrees and grants them a part of their space.


The Nigillians develop warp drive, and begin pelgrimages to the Quantum Singularity Network.


The Nigillians build a temple on the planet Sordinan near the Quantum Singularty Network.


Estimated time where, near the present-day Van'Gu Cluster, the Na'jigat suffered a major defeat by the Gallifreyans, who used a small particle of Validium. The destructive power of this Validium wiped out the entire civilization of the planet Neyo Prime at the outer borders of the Van'Gu Cluster. The Gallifreyans mutually agree that Validium is too powerful, and should never be used again. Some residue of raw Validium is lost inside the Van'Gu Cluster without the Gallifreyans' knowledge.


The Na'jigat invades the Delta Quadrant again. A new attack takes place beyond the Van'Gu Cluster, in Loxian territory and near the Dark Passage. The timely arrival of the Gallifreyans, though unseen, helps keeping the damage limited to a minimum. The Na'jigat retreats to the Galaxy Core once more, and is not seen again for another 29 years.


Warp technology is invented by the Yzakians. A crew sets out into the Van'Gu Cluster to find a new source of power that will end the pollution on their homeworld.


The Yzakians make first contact with the Talonions.


The Yzakians make first contact with the Nygeans.


The Nygeans, Yzakians and Talonions decide to form an Alliance, called "Delta Alliance". The Alliance headquarters is located on Nygea Delta, the Nygean colony.


Second Torran Revolution: Tompek becomes leader of the Torran Empire and orders the construction of warships to fight the New Humans once more.


The Nygeans introduce the Dralians as new member into the Delta Alliance.


The Yzakians discover raw Validium inside the Van'Gu Cluster, and begin using this as power source for their homeworld, not aware of its destructive power.


The Traquel join the Delta Alliance.


The Droids, an Aritificial Intelligence robotic species originally created by the Traquel, join the Delta Alliance.


The Naederians, a species with advanced medical knowledge, join the Delta Alliance.


Study and research of warp technology and subspace, reveals that travelling at large warp speeds can damage and destroy subspace. Delta Alliance regulations forbids anyone to travel faster than warp 3.999 without explecit permission. This soon brings practical problems for transport ships and traders who have a busy schedule.


The Traquel begins to work on a project called "Null Space Catapult", which is supposed to catapult starships over large distances at a large speed, without the need for warp drive, and thus not damaging subspace.


Tash, a Traquel technician who works on the Null Space Catapult project, is accidentally thrown into deep space with his ship. Instead of undertaking the long journey home, he begins to build a Catapult system, hoping that he will be able to complete the project he had been working on at his homeworld for three years already, and thus being able to return home.


  • The Nigillians, a religious species with advanced astronomical knowledge, join the Delta Alliance.
  • Tash makes contact with the U.S.S. Voyager, a ship that is stranded in the Delta Quadrant, and with their help he completes the Null Space Catapult. Thanks to the Catapult, he arrives home in a short time, and with the schematics of his successfull model, the Traquel begin to construct Null Space Catapults at a large rate, to provide for the entire Delta Alliance.


The Traquel provides the Nigillians with Null Space Catapults.

2378 The U.S.S. Skytoucher under command of Captain Tomas Goransson makes first contact with the Yzakians. The ship destroys the Validium Core, though the captain claims the people who did it were not working under his orders to do so. The Torrans push back the New Humans, who seek refuge on the planet Elexsa.


  • Starfleet provides the Yzakians with warp cores as replacement of the Validium.
  • End of the Second Torran Revolution: Mentora becomes new nleader after the government falls, and decides for the Torran Empire to join the Delta Alliance. This decision does not fit well with some of the Torrans who prefer the old system of war, and they tear off the Torran Empire, becoming a Torran Exiled Empire, not part of the Delta Alliance.
  • During the battle against the Romulan Coalition at Deep Space 12, Starfleet and the Delta Alliance make first official contact when the D.A. ship "A.S.C. Revox" decides to help Starfleet in the battle. Negotiations between Starfleet and the Delta Alliance are succesfull.


The U.S.S. Evolution and U.S.S. Tiberon are the first ships to visit Delta Alliance space, at the Temples of Sordinan. The Na'jigat attacks Sordinan, but Gallifreyan intrusion manages to keep the damage limited. When the Na'jigat attacks and destroys Starphoenix Base, the Delta Alliance sends assistance to Starfleet.