Delta Alliance Regulations

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General Order 1

The chief goal of the Delta Alliance is to PRESERVE or RESTORE the Intergalactic Balance in the universe. This means:

  • create and maintain a safe environment to live in for yourself and others
  • treat the nature of the universe with respect
  • restore whatever damage may have been done to the nature ofthe universe (e.g. by war)
  • oppose all forms of war, and those who promote it
  • expand your knowledge to strive for a better understanding of the universe

General Order 2

Life must be preserved in whatever way possible. When an Alliance officer knows that a certain life form, in whatever form, is threatened to be destroyed, he must do everything in his power to prevent that, if possible without destroying anything himself either.

General Order 3

An Aliance officer must always respond to a distress call, if he is in the ability to offer help. Even when this distress call would come from an enemy species, help must be rendered if the victim's life is threatened in any way. This order is not valid during a war conflict with this species.

General Order 4

An Alliance ship or facility may never open fire unless fired upon first. Diplomatic options must always be explored first.

General Order 5

In case of emergencies, an Alliance officer will never abandon another Alliance officer in order to ensure his own safety.

General Order 6

No space vessel shall, under any circumstances, accelerate speed higher than warp factor 3.999 without express permission from the High Queen's Council. If possible, warp speed must always be avoided, if Transport Catapults are available.

General Order 6A

In addition to General Order 6, all Security Ships are legally equipped with an Emergency High Speed Warp (EHSW) engine, allowing those ships to travel at high warp. This EHSW engine may only be activated and applied in case of dire emergency that requires fast response of this ship, and only in the following circumstances:

  • the ship is located in deep space, where no catapults are available
  • the ship is located too far away from the nearest catapult
  • the nearest catapult(s) are malfunctioning, damaged or destroyed

General Order 6B

In addition to General Order 6 and 6A, the EHSW may only be applied with express permission from the High Queen's Council. This general order applies for all cases in where the EHSW is deployed, without exceptions. If the case of the emergency is one where there is no time to await the High Queen's Council's decision, or contact is unwillingly disrupted, the ship's commanding officer may give the order to deployo the EHSW, but must report to the High Queen's Council as soon as possible thereafter, to explain the reasons behind his orders. If these reasons are considered insufficient by the High Queen's Council, the ship's commanding officer may immediately be relieved of duty.

General Order 7

No space vessel shall carry weaponry on board in any form, except Security ships or in a war status.

General Order 8

Passing the borders from and to Delta Alliance space, requires approval from the High Queen's Council, in the form of a "Border Pass". This Border Pass must be requested at the High Queen's Council, and will be valid for maximum two years each time before it must be renewed.

General Order 9

Guests with non-agressive intentions are welcome and are considered sacred. They may enter Delta Alliance space upon supervision of an Alliance vessel that is in the possession of a Border Pass.

General Order 10

The three main departments: security, science and service. Security must do everything in its power to ensure the safety of the inhabitants within Delta Alliance space, and use violence only as extreme last resort. Science is charged with investigation and expanding knowledge of the universe, as long as by doing so, they do not damage, hurt or kill any form of life. Service is to render assistance to anyone who may need it, concerning engineering, medical or general help.

General Order 11

A Chief of Command of a space vessel or facility, must always consult his Sub Chief, for important decisions. When this decision concerns something not defined in the General Orders, approval of the Sub Chief with the decision of the Chief in Coommand is necessary for a decision to be executed.

General Order 12

Promotion to the next rank is automatically done every two years, unless recalled by the Fleet Director. Promotion from a Grade 3 officer to a Sub Chief, or from Sub Chief to Chief of Command, is not standard after two years, but whenever such a position becomes available. Even so, the miminum required time to ascend to this rank, is two years, even if a position would become available earlier. Only the High Queen can decide if an officer can ascend faster, if the need would arise. The procedure is similar to ascend to Sub Director or Fleet Director. Demotion is normally not applied, except in doubtful circumstances.

General Order 13

The highest in rank of the entire Delta Alliance is the High Queen. Her decision is always final and without appeal. There are as many Member Reperesentatives as there are member species in the Alliance, and an equal amount of Representative Assistants. These people are still superior in rank to any officer working in the Alliance fleet, including a Fleet Director).

General Order 14

A Member Representative may hold a superior rank to a Fleet Director, but this only counts when this Fleet Director (or any other officer) is part of the same member species as the Representative or Representative Assistant. When it concerns an officer of mixed blood (each parent was of a different species), he will: 1. fall under the orders of the Representative of the species that is a member of the Delta Alliance 2. if both origin species are Delta Alliance members, the one that dominates most (if an officer is, for example, only 25% Talonion, because his father was 50% Talonion, he will not fall under the order of the Talonion Representative) 3. if both origin species were full-blood of a member species, the High Queen will consult the Representatives of both species and negotiate on who will be appointed

General Order 15

It is not allowed to steal another's possessions, damage it or destroy it. Accusations of such crimes are investigated by the AJC (Alliance Judge Council).

General Order 16

It is not allowed to harm or kill any life form, be it a sentient, animal, plant or artificial life form. Accusations of such crimes are investigated by the AJC (Alliance Judge Council).

General Order 17

Vekto Valek K'Vadim, or "favour the victim". If someone committed a crime (e.g. murder, serious injury, ...) and is found guilty by the AJC (Alliance Judge Council), the family of the victim may choose the convict's sentence. Even so, the AJC will investigate if the sentence claim is justified toward the accussation (the victim, or the victim's relatives cannot plead death sentence if the crime concerns a small theft).

General Order 18

In accordance to the AJC penal code, a capital defendant has a right to appeal his setence to the family of the victim.