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Dralian logo.
The planet Dralia.

The Dralians are a peaceful species that have spread over many parts of the Delta Quadrant, or wherever their trading contacts may lead them. Dralians are mainly a species of traders, as their homeworld, though it is a pity example of a Class M planet, offers them little resources of their own. They have reached the level of warp capabilities, and posses advanced technology including holographic manipulation techniques.

Dralians are a humanoid species and can be recognized by the bony ridges that form part of the nose.

Dralian1.jpg Dralian2.jpg

A Dralian.


A Dralian ship at warp.
A Dralian ship departing from a planet.

Dralians have warp-capable ships, though with little defense systems available. Their ships have a basic single hull design, and are controlled from a well-illuminated bridge in the ship's forward section, equipped with an audio-visual communication system. Dralian ships are constructed from a series of small brown and grey coloured plates forming the outer hull. The broad underside of the central hull and wide surface area formed by the triangular wings provide stability and maneuvering within a planet's atmosphere. Dralian ships do not have any stabilising tail fins and have a flat profile when viewed from the side and forward elevations. The forward section of the vessel angles to a flat snub nose shape, with the central hull tapering outward and then inward to connect to the wide drive unit to the rear. The narrow port and starboard wings support long slender engine nacelles in the middle of the fins that protrude forward of the wings' swept leading edges. The rear of the nacelles connect to the left and right of the drive unit at the stern via narrow conduits.

The closest trading companions of the Dralians are the Nygeans, which explains why their ships look so alike, except for the colour and some minor differences. Nygeans have been trading with the Dralians for many years, buying their ships and then equipping these ships with stronger defense systems. The Dralians were the first to join the Delta Alliance after its birth, and are put in charge of the trading systems of the Alliance.