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The Na'jigat, Gallifreyans, Erendir and the Great Barrier

The Great Barrier.
Entering the Great Barrier.

It is almost impossible to give a separate account on the three species Na'jigat, Gallifreyans and Erendir. Their history, going back even as far as the creation of the universe, is so much interwoven, despite the fact that they are all three entirely different kind of species. One thing they all have in common: they originate from inside or nearby the Galaxy Core, within the boundaries of the Great Barrier.

Little is known about what lies beyond the "Great Barrier". The Galaxy Core is considered an enormous quantum singularity, or a black hole, with a radius of about 30,000 light years around it. The large quantum singularity at the very center of the Core, could be considered the "navel" of the universe, a fragment of birth that was once of vital importance, but suits no function now. The outer edges form the Great Barrier, some sort of spherical energy field through which conventional space travel is very difficult, even almost impossible. In 2287, the U.S.S. Enterprise-A managed to enter the barrier in search for the planet Sha Ka Ree, also said to be Vorta'Vor and Eden, where they found some sort of powerful energy creature that appeared to be trapped on this planet. However, if you were to travel deeper within the Galaxy Core, alot more discoveries are awaiting you on your path.


The Na'jigat symbol.

The Na'jigat is a species residing inside the giant black hole at the center of the universe, and are believed to be older then the universe itself. As is also their enemy, the Gallifreyans, they are native to another, previous universe from our own, and likely entered our universe through the giant black hole anomaly. Seeing that a black hole sucks in everything that has some form of mass, the Na'jigat are creatures that were able to survive in these circumstances due to their zero mass, and the only life form known to be able to "escape" out of a black hole as it pleases. They are no organic, technological, nor photonic life form, but basically, they exist of a pure form of "mental energy". This enables them to act beyond any limits of normal space. They have the capability to manipulate everything in the universe, which makes them both powerful and dangerous. They can penetrate your mind and read not only your very thoughts, but also all your memories and knowledge stored in your brain, even faster and more effective than the Borg could ever accomplish with assimilation technology.

Even though the Na'jigat naturally resides within the black hole of the Galaxy Core, they have the ability of travelling beyond it, through normal space in the entire galaxy. The Na'jigat believes that they are superior to any other life form in the galaxy, and as they live in the very centre of this galaxy, they claim themselves to be the Lords of the Galaxy, owning all within its boundaries. This is the reason why they would venture outside the Great Barrier, but even so, when the Na'jigat does reside in normal space, they will usually be instinctively drawn to any spatial anomalies such as nearby quantum singularities and clusters, as it gives them a closer approximation of their natural surroundings, because when in normal space, they are somewhat weakened by their surroundings (although they still form a formidable power compared to the Borg or Species 8472), and constantly crave for energy of any kind -- chemical energy, anti-matter energy, bio energy, and any other kind that exists in the universe, even the heat of the sun, or simply the sun itself. The name "Na'jigat" means "strong desire", because they have a never ending desire for more energy, and sometimes they are also called "Energy Vampires". The more energy they "eat", the stronger they become. When the Na'jigat decides to attack any kind of energy form, it usually leaves little behind. It is known that entire civilisations have been wiped out throughout the universe, on behalf of the Na'jigat. Weapons fire of any kind is entirely ineffective, on the contrary, its energy level only increases the strength of the Na'jigat.

A Na'jigat energy wave blowing up a ship, extracting its energy.

Their power, however, goes even beyond that, since their mental abilities enable them to plant any image in your mind, thus appearing in any form imaginable. They can appear so real in their manipulative form, that they theoretically are as real as they seem, like a tree forming out of nowhere, then changing into an animal, while in either case an entire DNA scan would confirm the tree and animal to be 100% real and genuine. Of course, if the Na'jigat can cheat your mind, they can cheat technology even easier, by manipulating sensor readings just as they manipulate minds. They are able to fool you, without giving you the ability to find out if what you are seeing is real or not. One particular section of Na'jigat activity is called the N.S.C or "Na'jigat Sanctions Convoy", intended on capturing enemy life forms that form a reasonable threat, strip them from their powers and both imprison and enslave them. Few survive these harsh conditions, to return and tell more about it. Even so, it is usually said to look like a physical surrounding, such as those of a starship. Usually, when travelling through normal space, the Na'jigat will assume the form of some giant energy wave crossing the universe like a fierce storm, which probably comes closest to their natural state. The Na'jigat has one thing not as advantage: travel speed. They are unable to travel faster than warp speed.

Although the Na'jigat appears to be some kind of life form that acts purely on instinct, they are very much an intelligent life form. Each particle of mental energy appears to have a mind of its own, being able to survive alone, but when joined as one large "group" (a cloud of mental energy), they work together as a whole, while yet mentally communicating among each other. A fascinating fact about the Na'jigat is, however, that only they themselves are strong enough to "block out" telepathic communications from each other. Even more, while the Na'jigat can enter your mind while at a serious distance still, their own mental energy particles need to be joined together in order to communicate. Two separate "clouds" cannot exchange communication with each other, until they actually join each other to form one cloud.


Gallifreyan symbol.
A Gallifreyan.

The Gallifreyans are a humanoid species, considered to be at least as old as our galaxy. Like the Na'jigat, they are said to originate from another, former galaxy, and came to this galaxy through the giant black hole at the center. Although the Gallifreyans are considered humanoid, they are still very different from almost any other known humanoid species. It is practically impossible to distinguish a male from a female, unlike with most other humanoid species. Being a long-lived species, they have telepathic and mental capacities almost equal to the Na'jigat, and thus they have the ability to appear different from what they look (even though they will usually assume their natural humanoid state), remain completely invisible, and appear out of nowhere. Gallifreyans also have the ability of altering matter, enabling them to litteraly "walk through a wall" without causing any injury to themselves, or damage to the wall. They do not need any breathable atmosphere to survive, which enabled them to colonize any planet within the boundaries of the Great Barrier. It is not surprising, therefore, that most of their planet have no atmosphere whatsoever. Gallifreyan physiology is able to sustain extreme cold and extreme warm temperatures. They will not freeze to death in a Class L planet with frozen atmosphere, nor will they burn in a Class J planet with high surface temperatures, and even the "Demon" Class Y planets with turbulent atmospheres containing poisonous chemicals and thermionic radiation, will cause any harm to their physiology.

One of the Gallifreyan planets within the Great Barrier, with a space station in orbit.

The Gallifreyans reside within the boundaries of the Great Barrier, and occupy a system of several planets very close to the giant black hole in the center. Gallifreyans tend to take care of their own business alone, shunning contact with any other species in the galaxy, and barely ever cross the Great Barrier into our space. Due to the fact that almost no species has ever been able to cross the Great Barrier into Gallifreyan space either, almost no species in the galaxy has any knowledge of the existance of Gallifreyans, including the Borg and the Dominion. They will only interfere with the daily life of other species, if they have no other choice, and even then they are little talkative and unwilling to offer any more information than absolutely necessary. Usually this is the case when they attempt to fight back a "cloud" of Na'jigat that managed to escape the giant black hole and broke through the Gallifreyan frontlines. The Gallifreyans and the Na'jigat have been at war since the formation of the galaxy began: the Na'jigat has constantly attempted to expand, and the Gallifreyans have ceaslessly attempted to push them back. This war has begun before our galaxy was fully created, and will likely continue until long after our galaxy has perished. The Gallifreyan frontlines are the only forces that stop the Na'jigat from litteraly devouring our galaxy. In a sense, the Gallifreyans, even though the will likely appear arrogant and withholding toward any other species, are the protectors and guardians of the Galaxy, holding back a threat not even the Borg would be able to withstand.

Picture of the surface of one of the Gallifreyan planets.

The Gallifreyans have a very advanced technological standard, both on their planets and space ships. For example, they use engine technology that cannot be compared to a warp, or even transwarp drive. It should be noted that Gallifreyans don't have the Na'jigat's advantage of being zero mass energy, and thus would theoretically not be able to escape from the gravity pull of a black hole. Yet, they managed to create technology that enabled them to produce enough speed to escape the gravity pull of the giant black hole itself, which is still a mystery to Starfleet engineers up to today. Their computer system appears to be a highly advanced artificial intelligence. They use a transporter system using micro-technology, so small that they can wear it around their wrist, enabling them to "beam into" practically any location, regardless of shields or any other transport inhibitors, and "beam away" without any sound indication, or leaving a single trail to trace them with. The most powerful weapon they ever created in order to fight the Na'jigat, is called Validium, but due to its extreme destructive powers, it was deemed too risky by the Rassilon, and has not been used for centuries.

The Rassilon is the Council surrounding the President of Gallifrey, and govern the vast territory of Gallifreyan space, as well as the organisation of the Gallifreyan Telepath Agent Teams, specialised in fighting the Na'jigat using combined mental and telepathic energy. This is usually done in groups of nine or twelve well-trained Gallifreyan Telepath Agents, who sit in circle formation and begin combining their telepathic energy through meditation and forming some sort of invisible phaser beam of mental energy that drains the Na'jigat, pushing them back, as it is impossible to destroy the Na'jigat. This strategy requires alot of resources and people, to fight but a small part of Na'jigat energy, but it is the only effective solution so far, except for Validium. Even so, sometimes the Gallifreyans lose battleground, and get captured into the Na'jigat "cloud", where they become prisoners and get enslaved into a particular section of the Na'jigat consciousness: the N.S.C. or Na'jigat Sanctions Convoy. Few Gallifreyans escape or survive this enslaved life, and those who managed to return from it, are forever stripped of their telepathic abilities and powers, often not to live much longer thereafter.

The Erendir

Erendir logo.
An Erendir male.
A picture of the Erendir homeworld before it was destroyed.
Embries, the last known survivor of the Erendir race.

The Erendir are an ancient, long-lived humanoid species originating from an M-Class planet near the Galaxy Core, within the boundaries of the Great Barrier. Erendir humanoids can be recognised by their soft blueish skin and long hair. Most of the Erendir species will look old, even ancient, and the reason for that is a very logical one: they usually ARE very old. The lifespan of the Erendir can go up to thousands of years. Though they are not able to control mental energy as their neighbours in the Galaxy Core can, they still have some special attributes bout themselves. They have somewhat limited telepathic, telekinetic, electrokinetic and empathic powers as well as precognition. They are able to sense danger before it is there, and have a particular heightened sense of space and time. Erendir have the ability to learn any kind of skill extremely fast and easy, and are generally a wise species, thinkers, scientists, philosophers and shamans. For their old age, they have an outstanding physiology. Their old apperance often makes them look weak, but an opponent warrior can be sorely mistaken when entering a combat situation with an Erendir. Even so, Erendir are known to be a peaceful species, who do not harbor feelings of hate or wrath, and will only fight to defend themselves and those they have chosen to protect.

The Erendir homeworld was destroyed more then two thousand years ago, during an attack of the Na'jigat. Therefore, very little information is available about their planet of origin. What is known, though, is that the Erendir were technologically highly advanced, and managed to maintain their technology on their planet, without compromising the local nature of their homeworld. The fauna and flora must have been intruiging to investigate, and was often respectfully used by the Erendir, without depleting their planet's resources. Despite all their available technology, the Erendir chose for manual labor concering farming, gardening and cooking, believing that everything which is tended to manually, will result in more quality. One of the specialties, among others, was their "cuisine". One of their most famous drinks was called "Sayuvan", and was claimed to be a delicate process for brewing this drink. It required the concentrated juice of the Mongalon flower and the sweet water of the Rankanar Well. This mixture requires to be concentrated in exact levels at near-boiling temperatures, and immediately thereafter be mingled with the fresh sweet juice of the Pangalan Apple fruit. Then it needs to be cooled down and remain in cool temperatures for about three solar years, before it becomes a perfect Sayuvan drink.

Validium and Maviduli

See Validium.



The Na'jigat destroys the Erendir homeworld. Survivors spread throughout the galaxy. The Maviduli project is lost. Gallifreyan frontlines begin to weaken, and will not be able to hold back the Na'jigat within the Great Barrier forever.


The Na'jigat crosses the boundaries of the Great Barrier, likely for the first time. They attack and devastate four Romulan stations, and the Providence of Davantor. Thirty-two million Romulans lose their lives.


The Yzakian species, residing within the Van'Gu Cluster, reach the industrial age. Pollution of their homeworld begins and will last more than a century, until they will discover Validium as power source.


Estimated time where the Great Battles between the Na'jigat and the Gallifreyans move beyond the Great Barrier, into the Delta Quadrant. This may have been the first time that Gallifreyan forces decided to cross the barrier.

2310 Estimated time where, near the present-day Van'Gu Cluster, the Na'jigat suffers a major defeat by the Gallyfreans, who used a small particule of Validium. However, the destructive power of this Validium wipes out the entire civilisation of the planet Neyo Prime at the outer borders of the Van'Gu Cluster. Upon this incident, the Gallifreyans mutually agree in the Council of Rassilon, that Validium is too powerful and unstable, and should never be used again. Some residue of raw Validium is lost inside the Van'Gu Cluster without the Gallifreyans' knowledge.


The Na'jigat invades the Delta Quadrant again. A new attack takes place beyond the Van'Gu Cluster, in Loxian territory and near the Dark Passage. The timely arrival of the Gallifreyans, though unseen, helps keeping the damage limited to a minimum. The Na'jigat retreats to the Galaxy Core once more, and is not seen again for another 29 years.


Warp technology is invented by the Yzakians. A crew sets out into the Van'Gu Cluster to find a new source of power that will end the pollution on their homeworld.


The Yzakians discover raw Validium inside the Van'Gu Cluster, and begin using this as a power source for their homeworld, not aware of its destructive power.


The U.S.S. Skytoucher under command of captain Thomas Goransson, makes first contact with the Yzakians. The ship deestroys the Validium Core, though the captain claims that the people who did so, were not working under his orders.


  • Starfleet provides the Yzakians with warp cores as replacement of the Validium. The Na'jigat appears again, in a more organised form and calling themselves "N.S.C." and carrying Gallifreyan slaves, and attempt to capture the U.S.S. Rivendell in an imaginary black hole.
  • The U.S.S. Skytoucher meets some sort of energy formation that is attempting to lure them to enter it. The ship's doctor has a telepathic warning, which saves the ship from destruction. The crew does not know they escaped the Na'jigat.


  • The Na'jigat enters the asteroid field of the Dark Passage, and attacks the Loxian Exile colony, utterly destroying it. General Zentox remembers a similar attack 45 years ago. The U.S.S. Evolution and U.S.S. Tiberon visit Delta Alliance space, at the Temples of Sordinan, when the Na'jigat attacks. The Gallifreyans repel this attack, and manage to keep the damage limited.
  • The Na'jigat appears during a battle against the Loxian Government fleet against the U.S.S. Skytoucher and U.S.S. Evolution, near Vontak Nor in the Dark Passage. The Gallifreyans appear again to push the Na'jigat back.
  • The Na'jigat attacks Starphoenix Base, causing the entire station to be evacuated. All ships that were sent to fight the Na'jigat, are forced to retreat to Avalon Station. The Gallifreyans manage to push the Na'jigat back again, but not without the loss of one of their Telepath agents.


Captain Taurik of the U.S.S. Rivendell is telepathically contacted by a Gallifreyan Telepath agent, asking him to be trained to join the Telepath agency, after the Gallifreyans have suffered too many losses at the hands of the Na'jigat. Taurik agrees, thus becoming the very first non-Gallifreyan to join what will become known as the "Order of Gallifrey".