Great Barrier

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The Na'jigat, Gallifreyans, Erendir and the Great Barrier

The Great Barrier.

It is almost impossible to give a separate account on the three species Na'jigat, Gallifreyans and Erendir. Their history, going back even as far as the creation of the universe, is so much interwoven, despite the fact that they are all three entirely different kind of species. One thing they all have in common: they originate from inside or nearby the Galaxy Core, within the boundaries of the Great Barrier.

Little is known about what lies beyond the "Great Barrier". The Galaxy Core is considered an enormous quantum singularity, or a black hole, with a radius of about 30,000 light years around it. The large quantum singularity at the very center of the Core, could be considered the "navel" of the universe, a fragment of birth that was once of vital importance, but suits no function now. The outer edges form the Great Barrier, some sort of spherical energy field through which conventional space travel is very difficult, even almost impossible. In 2287, the U.S.S. Enterprise-A managed to enter the barrier in search for the planet Sha Ka Ree, also said to be Vorta'Vor and Eden, where they found some sort of powerful energy creature that appeared to be trapped on this planet. However, if you were to travel deeper within the Galaxy Core, alot more discoveries are awaiting you on your path.