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The Expansion Fleet Database Image Policy regulates the allowed or disallowed pictures to be used in any articles, or to be uploaded to the server.

Who can contribute?

Any visitor may contribute, after having created an account and being logged in. Any member is therefore free to add images conform the Image Policy.

What images are allowed?

Any images are allowed if they directly illustrates an article.

What is not allowed?

The following is not allowed:

  • Images that do not illustrate an article
  • Hate propaganda images
  • Porn images
  • Images on which rests a copyright and no permission is given
  • Illegal images of any kind
  • Spam

Article layout

Please use images, particularly large ones, as a thumb on the article. Use an acceptable size and location that does not upset the layout of the article.

Image deletion policy

An image may be nominated for deletion for the following reasons:

  • The image is irrelevant for the Expansion Fleet Database.
  • The image does not comply with the regulations.
  • The image is unused.


This policy may be modified or added to at any time without warning, and any modifications are immediately valid.