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The planet Loxius as seen from space.
Typical landscape of the Loxian homeworld.

The Loxian homeworld is called Loxius, and can be found near the N-W of the infamed Dark Passage, close to the huge asteroid field. Their society can be split in two parts: the government-ruled part, and the exiled part.

The Loxian homeworld is a Class-M planet with a fairly cold atmosphere. This planet may once have been very much like Earth, but it is believed that the sun may have died out, or exploded during the formation of the Dark Passage's asteroid field. Thanks to a second sun, though far more distant than the original one, life on the planet was allowed to survive, be it in colder circumstances.

Loxian space does not spread very far. Indeed, it is only limited to their homeworld, and to most part of the asteroid field. There is no known information about other planets under Loxian rule, except one class-M planet called Urm'gol, orbiting the distant sun itself, closer to the Dark Passage's mouth and a closed fluidic gate, where the native population lives under Loxian rule.

Society Structure

For centuries already, the Loxian government holds power over almost every aspect of Loxian society: politics, trade, science, technology, religion, ... and intends to keep it so. This system has kept the Loxian homeworld at piece for a very long time, though there have been oppression against the government's steady domination. The government, however, did not allow anyone to raise voice against them, and those who attempted, were either silenced or exiled.

The Loxian Government will rarely involve itself in matters beyond their borders. They restrict contact with other life forms to a minimum, if not to nonexistant, and will only break that barrier if they believe this alien species may pose a threat. In that case, the government will either choose to oppose this threatening force, or to attempt a peace negotiation that will keep this alien species at bay.

As for those who are exiled from their homeworld, as punishment for opposing their government, they usually settle in the asteroid field of the Dark Passage. There, they mainly live in small space ships, and hide between the huge asteroid rocks, as nomadic tribes without much of a leadership or society structure. The tribes among themselves (each ship can be considered a tribe) do function very efficiently, however, by choosing one leader and a task for each. This has been the case for many generations of Loxians who have known nothing else but the life on a small ship hiding in the Dark Passage, and this exiled population seems to keep growing larger over the centuries.

A Loxian raider ship coming out of the asteroid field.

The large rocks of the asteroid field does not do much more than hide them well, however. Settling on these asteroids is impossible due to the absence of sufficient gravity and atmosphere. Loxian mining operations are not uncommon, but the supplies gathered from these projects do not nearly satisfy the need of all the exiled Loxian ships. As the tribes are not united, they often attach each other, and each other's mining facilities, in order to steal the supplies of the other when the supplies of one is running dangerously low. The Loxian exiled tribes do, however, formidably form a union when fighting a common enemy in the Dark Passage, usually with the intention of stealing supplies and food from any ship that happens to be around, if not capturing the whole ship itself.

There are cases, however, that the Loxian government and the exiled tribes actually cooperate. Though it is a rare thing to happen, they are willing to aid each other when they must oppose some alien threat, or supposed threat. This was the case when the U.S.S. Evolution made first, though hostile, contact with the Loxians. Captain Randall Sanchez and two other officers were abducted and would only be traded for tactical information on the Federation and Starfleet, as the Loxians believed their power to be a possible threat. This abduction and ambush in the Dark Passage could only have been possible if the Loxian government, who were the abductors, worked together with the exiled tribes. Most likely, it is a strategy of the government to grant asylum to any outlaw who helps them, hoping that by granting them back the full rights of a Loxian citizen on their homeworld, they will lay down their rebellous attitude toward the government.

A Loxian general.
Zayan, a Loxian female.


Starships captured by Loxian raiders, flying inside the asteroid field.
More Loxian ships inside the Dark Passage.

Little is known about Loxian technology, as contact between them and Starfleet has been scant and hostile. Practically nothing is known of the technology applied by the government, but we do know that the Loxian exiles in the Dark Passage have managed to adapt their technology to the environment of an asteroid field. Their ships are small, so they can maneuver easily through the narrow spaces between the asteroid rocks, and what is even more formidable, their sensor technology seems to be more advanced than known by any Federation standard. They have the ability to penetrate their sensors through almost the whole of the asteroid field, allowing them to scan any presence long before this presence has detected them.

Most of their other technology, however, appears not to be created by themselves. Their raids on any passenger in the Dark Passage, has allowed them not only to steal supplies and food, but also alien technology, and even whole captured ships. It is believed that the transporter technology they use, is stolen from the Cardassians, as there is a permanent Cardassian presence in the Dark Passage, and some ships have been reported missing there before. Latest discoveries also reveal that Federation starships may have fallen victim as well.

Though nothing is known about it, their medical advancement seems to be at a very high state. They are known to be able to treat viruses from Species 8472, and create viruses of their own that no doctor but them can heal.

Battle Strategy

Peaceful as the official citizens on the Loxian homeworld are, hostile are the outlaws who live in the infamed Dark Passage. Therefore, it is only the exile Loxian battle strategy that some information is available.

Their main strategy appears to be an ambush. One ship will lure them within the asteroid field, provoking any alien ship in the vicinity to follow them, thinking they can easily handle one small Loxian vessel. Once inside the asteroid field, however, many more Loxian vessels are hidden between the many rocks. They will often surround the victim ship completely, so it has no chance of escaping, and lay down its weaponry and defences, whereafter they board the ship to either gather supplies, or capture the ship completely. This has been the case when the U.S.S. Evolution first encountered the Loxians, and barely managed to escape thanks to the intrusion of the Cardassians in that region.

Loxian Expansion

The Loxian government is known to keep its expansion to a strict limit. The less space they occupy, the less problems that can occur.

The only known planet so far, to be occupied by Loxian rule, and even only partially, is the planet Urm'gol. This planet is a Class-M planet, and the reason why this planet was chosen for colonisation is obvious: it is closer to their sun. As their first sun had died or exploded, many centuries ago, the planet Loxius only remained alive thanks to the second distant sun. Many Loxians have moved to this planet, since it is closer to this sun, being only the fourth planet in the system, which allows a warmer atmosphere. The planet is known for its vast purple oceans, and its original population is a pre-warm civilisation working with a loose orbital sattelite network. There are two sentient and technologically advanced species on this planet, that call themselves Mordal and Tel'knat. They do not seem hostile toward each other and there are some political units composed of a mixed species population. Their most advanced political unit is a matriarchal monarchy of Tel'knats. The planet is called Urm'gol by all it's inhabitants.

The Loxian presence on this planet would at first appear to be very similar to the once Bajoran occupation by the Cardassians, but there are fundamental differences. As the Loxian government is basically peaceful in nature, and only cares for its own matters, the Loxians here have not established their domination over the native people. In fact, Loxians and natives pretty much keep to themselves in all things, without disturbing each other much. Even though, the Loxians still see the whole planet as their own property,, and they also have a small space station with a crew implement of eight, in orbit around the planet. Mining facilities were discovered on the planet's moon.

However, life on this planet was endangered by the intrusion of Species 8472, who began to populate the planet as well, as it was nearby their Fluidic Gate. Though they could not hide the fluidic gate, their population was virtually unnoticed by either the native population, or the Loxians, as they assumed the form of these humanoids.

The Tel'knats monarchy has detected and documented the formation of the Fluidic Gate one and a half years ago. They had a probe monitoring the second class M planet of this system and sent it to the gate but it was lost into it. The data they collected is indeed quite impressive for their technological level. If they continue their research, it is likely that they will be capable of warp travel in two or three decades. Their data on the other planet, which they call Urlat, is scarce, but they haven't found any signs of intelligent life there, just plants and insects.

The species 8472's organic probe is on a geosynchronous orbit over this political unit, named Marsili by it's population, and sends data to what appears to be an underwater base, located near the south polar cap. The probe's sensors are all focused on the planet, but recent discoveries tell us that there is in fact a whole network of organic probes, probably operating as a defence system.

As hostilities between Species 8472 and the Loxians reached its peak, it was the intrusion of the U.S.S. Evolution, who was in this part of space for a second time already, to negotiate a solution with Species 8472, whereafter they withdrew all their occupants and returned to their fluidic universe. Thereafter, the U.S.S. Evolution sealed the fluidic gate. This intrusion was, however, not welcome with the Loxians who threatened to attack the Federation starship.

Loxian - Starfleet - Cardassian Alliance

In 2379, the Loxian government invites Starfleet for the negotiations of a possible alliance. This fails, however, when the U.S.S. Skytoucher, the ship being sent to handle these negotiations, finds out more about the Loxian background, the oppression of the people at the Loxian homeworld and the harsh exile of the Loxians who refuse to be oppressed. By the end of 2379, a treaty is agreed upon between the Loxian exiles, Starfleet and the Cardassians. When the main base of operations of the Loxian exiles in the asteroid field of the Dark Passage is destroyed by the Na'jigat, the survivors are evacuated to Vontak Nor, the Cardassian space station inside the Dark Passage that was abandoned some time ago. In 2380, the Loxian government decides to attack Vontak Nor, but is repelled by a timely interference of both the Na'jigat and Gallifreyans. Station Vontak Nor becomes permanently occupied by Starfleet officers, Loxians and Cardassian military, making the "Dark Passage Treaty" effective. Starfleet Captain Roland Burma resigns from his captaincy of the U.S.S. Skytoucher in order to lead the new alliance, after he has been identified by the Loxians as their savior. The Loxian Government attempts another attack, against Avalon Station, with the hopes of retrieving their spies as well as decisively defeating the Starfleet power in the Delta Quadrant, but are defeated again when one of the spies betrays them by helping Starfleet. The strongly diminished military power of the Loxian Government and the rise of Loxian rebels throws off the fragile balance, causing a revolution and civil war to break out on the homeworld Loxius.

(Aritcle by: Captain Randall Sanchez)