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The Lyonesse Asteroid Base was built in 2380 with the intention to intensify the undercover presence of Starfleet Intelligence, Section 31 and F.S.S. (Federation Secret Service), after an increase of reports came in of potential hostile species and dangers. The location of the base is kept secret, and deliberately chosen to be in an asteroid. This asteroid makes it far more difficult for outsiders to discover the secret base, as it is located in the asteroid field of the Dark Passage, among hundreds of other asteroids, also diminishing the sensor performance of any ships that might come by.

This based is authorized to centralize and command all intelligence activity in the Delta Quadrant. From here, observations are made on Starfleet activity on the nearby Starphoenix Base and Omega Station (Deep Space 12) as well as Avalon Station, and any activity taking place near or inside the Dark Passage, and Cardassian station Vontak Nor.

While the asteroid base has no weaponry to defend itself from outside dangers, it has strong defensive systems, such as shields and other equipment that will easily elude the sensors of any vehicle nearby. The base facility itself is equipped with docking bays with the ability to repair damage to ships, or perform maintenance. Apart from personal quarters, a small bar and a holodeck, there is very little luxury available, and most officers who have their ship docked there, usually remain on their ship while off-duty, except for a visit to the Wander Inn bar.

Asteroid name
Location in space
Outer skirts of asteroid field (near Dark Passage)
Width: 6,215 m

Height: 1,050 m

Decks: 85
Asteroid mass
3 x 1024 kg
Atmospheric composition
Base name
Lyonesse Asteroid Base
Base type
Secret Intelligence observation and manufacturing asteroid base facility
Docking facilities
2 large internal docking bays

Defense systems</td>

</tr> </table> </td>

Multiphasic Low-emission Regenerative

shields, total capacity 20,000,000 TerraJoules

High Level Structural Integrity field

</td> </tr>

Computer core
2 main computer cores, one for all station functions and intelligence operations, and one backup computer system for emergencies.