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Welcome to the Expansion Fleet Archive Website!

You have reached the online archive of Expansion Fleet. Expansion Fleet was an online Roleplay Game based on Star Trek, but has been closed down on April 30, 2010. This database therefore exists as an archive.

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Contributing to the Expansion Fleet Database

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Closure Notice of Expansion Fleet

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Due to prolongued inactivity on Expansion Fleet, we will be closing all game activity as of April 30, 2010.

This year, Expansion Fleet would have celebrated its 8th birthday. But it would be a quiet celebration, as member activity has been decreasing over the past year and now has come to a full stop in the last 3 months. We should no longer pretend that this is a website of thriving activity that it once was, when those days now belong to the past.

However, many of you have good memories of the "good old days" here, and thus Expansion Fleet won't disappear completely from the internet. After the closure of this website at the end of this month, the website will still continue to exist at and contain an "archive" of materials. The "database" will still continue to be available, and the forums will still exist for the purpose of reading-only as a form of archive of all the former missions that were played out in this online RPG. It will, however, no longer be possible to create a new account, or to make any posts.

The following services will cease to exist:

  • The online shop
  • Expansion Fleet TOP 50 topsites
  • Chatroom

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions, help and presence here in the past 8 years. Many people had a good time here, if at least for awhile, and that's what counts.

Flag Admiral Vorak

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