Membership Policy

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The Expansion Fleet Database Membership Policy determines the rights and obligations of every registered user / member of this database.

Who is a member?

Anyone who registers a username is a member of this database, for an undetermined duration, unless the member chooses to leave or is banned.


Any member has the right to modify or add pictures, or images, to the Expansion Fleet Database, within the limits of the established Article Policy and Image Policy.


Any member contributing to the Expansion Fleet Database in any way, agrees to abide by the Article Policy and the Image Policy without question.

Additionally, it is expected that the member shows respect for the Expansion Fleet Database and its other members, as well as its administrators.

You will perform no illegal actions on the Expansion Fleet Database, or towards its members.

Banned members

If you are banned by the administrators, you do not have the right to have a username and the benefits with it, such as editing or adding articles.

Banned people are not allowed to create a new username.