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The Naederian logo.
The planet Naederia.

The planet Naederia is the homeworld of the blue-skinned Naederian race. Naederia is classified as an M-Class planet, though almost 90% of the surface is composed of seas and oceans and there is very little dryland. There are no large continents to speak of. Whatever dryland there is, can be considered no more than islands and even those are mostly misty marshes. This formation has seriously influenced the evolution of life forms that developed on this planet. The Naederians are the only humanoid species native to this planet and they have some unusual capabilities: due to the large amount of seas and oceans, Naederians are able to survive on land by breathing air, as well as underwater. Even so, most Naederians still choose to live on the little dryland their planet provides.


A Naederian.
Another Naederian.

Naederian society is a very peaceful one. Though they do own a considerable amount of space, they never gained this by force. They are known for their telephatic abilities, as well as their highly developed medical skills. Naederians are people who enjoy helping someone else and they are not afraid to render assistance to whatever unknown alien they may encounter that needs help, especially if it concerns medical help.


A Naederian ancient historical city, still standing today.
A modern Naederian city.
Remains of a Naederian city, under water after a heavy ocean storm.

Though Naederians do not have particular outstanding technology, they are warp-capable. Even so, most of their technology was built to accomodate them in the circumstances on their planet. Although they are able to breath underwater, they have never evolved to actually live underwater and have not built underwater cities. Even their ancient historical cities that still stand today were built to keep the water out.

Even though their cities are carefully built to keep water out, it is not always that easy. There are often frequent storms on the oceans, and if they come too close to dryland, it may sometimes be a disaster for some cities. Naederians rarely ever get killed in such storms, as they are able to breath underwater, but their cities cannot survive underwater. More than once, Naederians have lost their homes.

One of their more remarkable forms of technology are their means of transportation. The most particular technology is the Water Glider. Water Gliders come in different forms, and are intended for multiple purposes.

One of those purposes are, naturally, to travel from one island to the other (and those distances can sometimes be huge). Another purpose is to "scan" the water for sea animals. Seafood is the main type of food for Naederians, so they rely on their catch when hunting on the oceans. Water Gliders have the capability to fly in open air, sail on the water, and travel underwater as well. Some sea animals can be large, fast and dangerous, and it would be unwise to go into the deep oceans alone. That is why the Water Gliders are also equipped with grip-arms to catch animals and bring them aboard. Another type of Water Glider is constructed to roam marshes and deal with the mists.

A typical Water Glider to roam the oceans.

A Water Glider variant for marshes.

A typical Aqua Tunnel, designed by Naederians.

Another original technology developed by the Naederians are their Aqua Tunnels. These are tunnels built under water, to connect one or more islands that are within acceptable distance. The reason why Naederians use tunnels, rather than bridges, is because too often the ocean storms have destroyed their bridges. The Aqua Tunnels, however, are flexible in design. They are capable of witholding a certain amount of pressure and can move slightly along with the water stream, in case of a storm. Even so, it is not advised to be in a water tunnel during an ocean storm, since they would be moving back and forth too much to be able to walk through, and it is also unsafe, for there is a possibility one could collapse. Even though an Aqua Tunnel rarely collapses, when they do the pressure of the water flowing into a tunnel during an ocean storm is so strong that not even a Naederian can survive.

A Naederian ship.