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The Naederian logo.
The planet Naederia.

The planet Naederia is the homeworld of the blue-skinned Naederian race. Naederia is an M-Class planet, though it exists for almost 90% of seas and oceans, and very little dryland. There are no large contintents to speak of. Whatever dryland there is, can be considered no more than islands, and even so, much of it are merely misty marshes. This formation has seriously influenced the evolution of life forms that developped on this planet. The Naederians are the only humanoid species native to this planet, and they have some unusual capabilities: due to the large amount of seas and oceans, Naederians are able to survive on land by breathing air, as well as under water. Even so, most Naederians still choose to live on the little dryland their planet provides.


Naederian society is a very peaceful one. Though they do own a considerable amount of space, they never gained this by force. They are known for their telephatic abilities, as well as their highly developped medical skills. Naederians are people who enjoy helping someone else, and they are not afraid to render assistance to whatever unknown alien they may encounter, that needs help, especially if it concerns medical help.