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Narinya, native Nayaran species, manager of the Nayara Vacation Resort Centre.
Planet Nayara.

Welcome to Nayara, the perfect place to spend your vacation time! Narinya, the manager of the Nayara Vacation Resort Centre (see photo left) will make sure you did not regret your visit to Nayara, but instead you will regret having to leave! Nayara is the Official Vacation Resort Centre of the Delta Alliance, and provides recreation for all sorts of species from the galaxy. The planet provides you with various forms of entertainment. No matter what your expectations are of a vacation, Naraya will meet those expectations and exceed them! The planet has a large amount of beautiful beaches, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and mountains. Recreation abilities are provided for both indoor and outdoor!

Why wait any longer to make reservations? The planet Nayara can be found on most starmaps, on the borders of Nigillian, Naederian and Nygean space, inside Delta Alliance territory.

Hotel Complex

The main Nayara Recreation Centre, for both indoor and outdoor activities.
The Nayara Hotel Complex.

Nayara provides a large amount of hotel rooms, to accomodate as many people as possible. Normally, rooms are always available without prior reservations, but to make sure, we still advice you to book in advance, if you plan your vacation in peak periods. Available rooms are: single, double and family size.

Luxury hotel room with garden.

Outdoor Activities

Nayara provides all forms of outdoor activities. If you prefer the beach, a walk in nature, climb mountains, sail the lakes and rivers, or roam the skies in ultra-luxury shuttles, you have but to choose!

Beach with rocky walls and hills. In the distance you can see the vacation resort complex.

Nayaran Beaches

A little isle in the sea. Let yourself be surrounded by nothing but coast and waves.
The sweet water of the Nayaran beaches, always at comfortable temperature day and night.
Beautiful view on the rocky hills and walls near the coast.

Nayara provides its visitors a variety of beaches. Some beaches provide little isles with beautiful trees, so you can choose either the sun or the shade (see picture second on the right).

Other beaches show impressive landscapes of natural rock walls and hills, as seen on the first picture on the right. The water is so clear that it is drinkable, always at a constant, comfortable temperature, and even tastes sweet!

Don't avoid the beaches if you are afraid to end up in overcrowded places. The beaches stretch out so far that there could never be enough visitors to fill them all!

The Nayaran beaches are not only fun, but also perfectly safe. Any possible dangerous sea animal resides in the depth of the oceans only, and a sensor grid network constantly monitors the coastal areas, for in case some animal would come too close anyway. The security team has long driven any possible dangerous animal back into the deep ocean, long before you can nothice anything at all!

Near all beaches, food and drink bars are available, as well as medical care posts and coastal watchers, to make sure that nothing can spoil your fun!

The medical care and coastal watch service is performed by Naederians, for their advanced medical knowledge and ability to breath under water.

The Nayaran beach, famous all over the Delta Alliance.


The Skyglider interior is designed for both shor and long trips.
The Skyglider exterior is designed to withstand any weather conditions at all.
Skygliders roaming the valleys and rivers of Nayara.
Skygliders near the tops of the highest mountains of Nayara.

The beach is too boring for you and you rather want to see something of the planet? That is easily arranged, even if you don't like long walks and climbs. Skygliders are shuttles especially designed for the tourists of Nayara. You can explore the entire planet with them, and land at any location you find worth visiting. The interior of the Skyglider is designed for maximum luxury, with comfortable seats and even removable and resizable beds (for 1 or 2 persons) for if you decide to stay overnight before returning. The Skyglider is therefore also the perfect camping tent!

Spending a day in a Skyglider is more than just looking outside. There is a built-in navigation system, so you are never able to get lost anywhere, and even an auto-pilot system for people who have no navigation skills. The on-board computer also provides a "digital guide". Upon request, the voice computer will tell you where you are, and give some historical, archeological or cultural background information while all you have to do is look outside and listen.

Skygliders are capable of flying at any height, allowing you to explore both valleys as well as the snow on the highest hilltops, and more: they are also capable of moving under water, giving you the possibility to explore the depths of the Nayaran oceans!

With the Skygliders, there are no limits. You can go anywhere, see anything and transport yourself from one place to another in no time, so you will not have to lose a second of your precious vacation time on transportation! See also the images below.

The Skygliders were originally designed by the Traquel species, who are very advanced technicians.

Exploring Nayara On Foot

A waterfall at Nayara.
One of the large lakes, with the beautiful hills and mountains in the background.
Nature at Nayara.
A beautiful view on one of the many valleys on Nayara.
Nayara waterfall.

What about seeing the nature wonders of Nayara from up close? Short and long walk paths lead you through the most beautiful forests, toward the most impressive places on the planet.

The Vacation Resort Centre can give you a computer padd for the particular track you want to walk. This computer padd will contain practical information, such as what kind of clothes you should wear or take with you, a route guide for in case you might lose your way, and advice for where to camp, in case you want to camp in the hills and forests at night.

The tracks lead you to various places, such as beautiful lakes and hills, as well as the most beautiful waterfalls, one of the aspects of Nayara for which the planet is so famous in the entire Delta Alliance. There are various waterfalls you can visit. To understand their wonder, you need to be there in person. An example can be seen in the image above.

There are several tracks, and you can select them on the length and distance, as well as their accessibility. Some tracks are easy, while others require a little more imagination. On these walks, you can also familiarize yourself with the beautiful and rare flora of Nayara, as well as its wild animals. These wild animals are generally not dangerous, unless a warning is placed for certain areas.

For those who are even more adventurous, there is also the possibility for climbing hills and mountains. Equipment can be requested from the Vacation Resort Centre. Even so, it is recommended not to head out for climbing on your own, especially if you are not experienced. The hills and mountains of Nayara can be tricky, and it is safer to be with at least two people. In case of emergency, security teams stand ready at all times to assist if anything might happen.

People who take a computer padd with them, can access information on the different types of plants. It is advicable to take a computer padd with you, because some plants may be poisionous, even if they don't look it. Luckily, only a few types of plants are poisonous.

The Nayaran Waterfalls of Kolon'jin (also the name of the valley in which these waterfalls are located) are the largest ones known in the entire Delta Alliance. The sound of the streaming water can be heard from very far, which is the reason why the hotel complex is not located too near (the noise of the water would be too loud). Instead, a nice track goes straight to these waterfalls, and they can also be reached by Skyglider.





Indoor Activities

Bar at Nayara.

Bar & Restaurant

If you feel like to relax and have a drink, or you would enjoy an exotic meal, you are at the right place in the Vacation Resort's bar & restaurant. All sorts of food and drinks are available, prepared with especially imported ingredients from the native species each drink and dish comes from, prepared in their own traditional ways.

It doesn't matter when you feel thirsty or hungry, or simply in the mood for a drink or meal, the Bar & Restaurant is opened day and night nonstop, and is located right next to the the dance hall Club Exotica.

Club Exotica waitress.

Club Exotica

Dancing Droid.
Entertainment at Club Exotica.

Club Exotica is the most visited dance hall on Nayara, and in the entire Delta Alliance for that part. If you want to dance the night away, you have come to the right place.

Club Exotica provides you with the latest trends of intergstellar music genres, including Traquel & Droid Electra, Nigillian Bells, Nygean Drums, and much more... The music never stops, and Club Exotica is opened every moment of the day and night, so there is no limit to your fun!

Adittionally, there are also regular performances of the most famous artists in the Delta Alliance and beyond, as well as attractive female dancers of the most desired species known, and well-designed androids. See pictures on the left and right.

As if that wouldn't be enough still, Club Exotica also provides you with spectacular live acts of fire-breathing aliens, and far more bizarre stunts! In Club Exotica, everything is truly possible!

Needless to say, here you can also find the typical bar & club games, as can be seen in the picture below. There's so much to do that your nights will be too short!

Resident alien dancer of Club Exotica.

Life performances of the best artists.


View on the auditorium's tribunes.
The enthusiastic crowd.

The Auditorium of Interstellar Arts

If you rather enjoy music in an artistical way and relaxed, then the Auditorium of Interstellar Arts will be more than you could have hoped for.

This auditorium has daily performances of the kind you will find nowhere else. If you enjoy opera, musicals, poetry, or theathrical performances of the most famous drama and love plays, you will find that this place has alot to offer you.

The Auditorium provides seats for thousands of people, but we still recommend you make reservations for your seats in advance. Due to its popularity, there is not a single time where as much as one seat is still free during the performances. There are several performances a day.

Spectacular light effects in the Sensation Arena.
The crowd.
The arena platform.
One sensational fight of many.

The Sensation Arena

If you are in for some sensation, then the Sensation Arena is your field!

The Sensation Arena is a completely new complex on Nayara, provided by the Torrans who newly joined the Delta Alliance. Even though it is managed by the Torrans, all kind of battle sports, of any style and origin, are practiced here. You can visit the Sensation Arena to participate, or simply to watch and let yourself flow in the waves of laughter and supportive yelling crowd.

The Sensation Arena is opened day and night for your convenience, but the crowd comes and goes with the flow; reservatoins of seats is not possible here.

The Sensation Arena is an initiative of the Torrans, and the complex is managed by them. They organise all kind of fighting competitions, including those native to many other alien species.

All kinds of board games.

The Game and Sports Centre

The Game & Sports Centre is a huge complex with many levels, where all kinds of games and sports can be excersised.

Here, you can learn the newest types of games and sports now available in the galaxy. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur, or a professional player, or in whatever game or sports you are interested, you will definitely not be bored here!

Chula, a game native to the Gamma Quadrant.

Example of one of the many ball game halls.

Another example of a ball game hall.

Relaxation Centre

Unltrasonic showers for when you want to feel ultra-clean.

The Relaxation Centre will make sure all your tensions are completely taken away.

However you prefer to relax, the Relaxation Centre always provides you with whatever you need. Among the facilities are a natural sauna, with the temperature and scent of choice an computer-controlled. Another facility is a sensual, comfortable massage by a particular female species with webbed fingers.

Of course, Unltrasonic Showers are also available, as well as pools and bubble baths.

If you really want to relax and have a nice treatment, this is the one and only place!

Natural sauna with scent of choice.

Sensual massage by female species with webbed fingers.