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Narinya, native Nayaran species, manager of the Nayara Vacation Resort Centre.
Planet Nayara.

Welcome to Nayara, the perfect place to spend your vacation time! Narinya, the manager of the Nayara Vacation Resort Centre (see photo left) will make sure you did not regret your visit to Nayara, but instead you will regret having to leave! Nayara is the Official Vacation Resort Centre of the Delta Alliance, and provides recreation for all sorts of species from the galaxy. The planet provides you with various forms of entertainment. No matter what your expectations are of a vacation, Naraya will meet those expectations and exceed them! The planet has a large amount of beautiful beaches, lakes, forests, waterfalls, and mountains. Recreation abilities are provided for both indoor and outdoor!

Why wait any longer to make reservations? The planet Nayara can be found on most starmaps, on the borders of Nigillian, Naederian and Nygean space, inside Delta Alliance territory.