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Nigillian logo.
A Nigillian male.
The planet Nigillis.
Another view of the planet Nigillis, with Nigillian ships about to enter the atmosphere.
Yet another view of Nigillis with their ships.

The Nigillians govern a region of space bordering the Dark Passage, or more in detail, the Quantum Singularity Network. Though Nigillis, the homeworld of the Nigillians, is at a relative large distance from the Quantum Singularity Network still, these humanoid species are known to be good astronomers, and thus discovered this bright spot at a fairly early age of their technological development. This discovery had a very important impact on Nigillian Society.

Nigillians live on a typical Class M planet, a bit similar to Earth, and they are a humanoid species with a blue/purple skin and no hair. Though at an early age in their history, they must have had their portions of (religious) wars, they have evolved to a peaceful species that has now one government rule over their whole planet. Nigillians are not particularly outstanding for their technology, although they have developped warp drive and have been a space-faring species for centuries.


Typical Nigillian bu!ilding style on their homeworld with (as customary) a religious temple.

Besides being outstanding astronomers, Nigillians are a very religious people. Once in their ancient history, they fought many wars for their religious beliefs, that clashed with one another. It was their astronomical abilities, that ended this long age of wars. When their astronomers discovered a bright-shining space anomaly, better known as the Quantum Singularity Network of the Dark Passage, the Nigillians took it as a sign of their Gods that they should be united once more. Soon a revolution in their religious system took place, when this Singularity Network was assumed to be the home of their Gods. New temples were built to honour their Gods worldwide, especially to the supreme Gods known as Qughan the God of Light (also referred to as the Great Light) and Savarin the Goddess of Life (also referred to as the Great Creator).

Streets in a city on the Nigillian homeworld. Mark the small promotion banner hanging above the street on the right, showing an image of the planet Sordinan, close to the Quantum Singularity Network, and considered a sacred planet by the Nigillians.

After the invention of the warp drive, Nigillians soon became interested in actually travelling toward the Quantum Singularity Network, as a "visit to their Gods". This soon turned into a pelgrimage, and a religious temple was established on the nearest planet to the Singularity Network. This planet, though with merely a rocky surface and no atmosphere, was considered a sacred place by the Nigillians. This planet, so said to be "their Gods favourite", was called Sordinan, and is even now still regularly visited by the Nigillians.

The planet Sordinan, closest planet to the Quantum Singularity Network and a home to Nigillians on pelgrimage.

The most famous Nigillian temple, on top of the rocky mountans of Sordinan

A view inside the Nigillian temple on Sordinan

Beautiful enlarged view of the Quantum Singularity Network, as seen from the planet Sordinan.

The Null Space Catapult near the Quantum Singularity Network.
A typical Nigillian space vessel.

Nigillians and the Delta Alliance

The Nigillians were approached by the Naederians to join the Delta Alliance, as many of their goals were similar (balance in the universe without harming life forms) and the Nigillians have been a peaceful species for several centuries (since the discovery of the Quantum Singularity Network). Their first welcome gift from the Delta Alliance came from the Traquel, who built them a Null Space Catapult, so that they would be able to travel easily from their homeworld Nigillis to Sordinan and back. Even though they no longer use warp speeds above warp 4 anyway, their space crafts have never been develoopped to exceed the speed of warp 5 before.