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Logo of the Nygeans.
A Nygean male.

The Nygeans are a spacefaring humanoid species native to the Delta Quadrant. In appearance Nygeans are identical to humans except for bone ridges above their nose, on their chin and a "rippled" effect on their foreheads.

The Nygeans govern a sector of space which is home to several different species. Their technology seems at least equal to that of Federation science. They have something akin to warp drive including plasma conduits. The Nygeans are also familiar with matter transportation.





A Nygean shuttlecraft.
A Nygean shuttlecraft in warp.

While little is known about Nygean government or society, much is known about the Nygean judicial system and penal code. However, we know that the Nygean family unit is identical to that of humans, with a father and mother who cherish their children.

Nygean warders keep their prisoners in harsh conditions which included starving them, and probably subjecting them to 'discipline' for the slightest infraction. The prisoners are, however, probably allowed some association together. It seems that prisoners are not necessarily executed at their place of captivity but are transported specially to the homeworld for that punishment. The Nygean warders need to be prepared to escort dangerous prisoners over some distance and a period of time.

Nygean Legal System

A Nygean criminal.

The basis of the Nygean legal system is Vekto valek k'vadim, which is ancient Nygean for 'favour the victims'. The judicial system also means that, of those convicted for a capital crime, some are executed while others are not and some do not serve any prison term at all. In accordance with the Nygean penal code, a capital defendant has a right to appeal his sentence to the family of his victims. However, such an appeal is apparently unusual. The Nygean system's aim is to minimise distress for the family of the victim, with laws that protect the victims from emotional distress.

The Nygean Colony and the Delta Alliance =

Capital city of the Delta Alliance, on Nygea Delta Colony.

Nygean space lies deep into the Delta Quadrant, though they have also done some distant colonisation in their history. One of those colonies, Nygea Delta, has now become the HeadQuarters of the Delta Alliance. The colony already existed for many centuries, before the formation of the Delta Alliance, and is far away from the Nygean homeworld. Even though Nygea Delta had a government of its own, and was thus independent from their homeworld, they did not abandon their Nygean customs such as their legal laws.

The Nygea Delta Colony was one of the founders of the Delta Alliance, together with the Yzakians and the Talonions. As the Nygean colony planet was located most central, and its atmosphere was the most ideal, it was decided that it would be the home of the Delta Alliance headquarters. This has made Nygea Delta a very busy place, where many species from all over the universe can be found.

Nygean train station on Nygea Delta's capital city.

The palace of the High Queen of the Delta Alliance.