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Starphoenix Base was mainly built as supply facility for cargo ships or for ships travelling by into deeper space. However, the station also provides a well-equipped science department, and a Marines section for all non-cargo activities.

Starphoenix Base is located strategically very central, not too far from Avalon Station, and about almost the same distance away from Deep Space 12. To its left, it is not very far from the East-South entrance of the infamed Dark Passage, where the Cardassian station Vontak Nor is located. To its right, though at a considerable further distance, the Romulan station Khazara can be found.

Besides being a supply station, Starphoenix is, in fact, also a city which is the home of thousands of civilians.

Station name
Starphoenix Base
Station type
Supply Station and technical repair center
17,000 Starfleet, typically 20,000 to 35,000 civilian
Docking facilities
1 landing platform for ships
5 hangar bays for smaller vessels, shuttles and runabouts
The proximity to the ocean and the surrounding terrain usually means that a morning fog will persist around the base.

Station Operations

Starphoenix main operations are centralised in the command center of the station, called "ops". The Operations building is located in the center of the station and city. Here, all systems are controlled and monitored, and it is also the main location for the station commanding officer to reside. Incoming subspace transmissions arrive in Ops first, as well as requests of ships or shuttles to land.

Admiral's Office

The office of the admiral, the station's commanding officer, is located right next to the Ops center, as is usually typical on Federation starships as well. Here, the CO withdraws to do private administration work, or invite important guests. The office is equipped with a wall panel, computer terminal and personal replicator.

Marines Department

As Starphoenix Base is mainly a supply station, the ships appointed to it are usually ships equipped for cargo transport, rather than research or tactical ships. Hence, the Marines look after the safety of the station and the planet. Special Marines shuttles were launched to patrol the planet surface, while Starfleet has also assigned Marine starships for deep space missions.

Corridors & Turbolifts

Being a planetary station, there are considerably less turbolifts (except inside one building, or a few linked buildings), and alot more corridors. Many large corridors connect the many parts of the station, and the many buildings.

Security Department

Security is a building on its own as well, where all matters of security regarding the station and the city are being handled. Though it is a small building, it is one of the best guarded ones, as also the brigs are located here. The brigs themselves are, as usual, operated with forcefields. One of the tasks of the security department is also to declare harmful and toxic goods, and weapons, to be shipped as cargo from and to Dantor, and to inspect the cargo bays to ensure all security precautions have been taken.

Science Department

The science department is located in the same building as the infirmary/medical department. Here, people mainly work on research of any useful information or extracts that ships might have brought with them from away missions. Also, when certain cargo is not determined by the security department to be safe or not, it is the science station that will investigate the products at hand.


The Infirmary is located in the same building as the science department, as both departments usually work closely together when a task requires it. Mainly, sickbay receives people from the city, who need to be treated for small illnesses, from time to time. Rarely does the Infirmary receive seriously wounded people, as most ships assigned to the base are cargo vessels, that hardly ever enter combat situations. The worst wounded patients sickbay receives, are usually people who unintentionally harmed themselves by trying to climb the huge and tricky rock mountains of Dantor.

The Infirmary is constantly occupied by two EMH programs, besides the Chief Medical Officer.

Cargo Bay

The cargo bay is a large building, providing much storage room for all kinds of cargo delivered by the transport vessels. Many kinds of goods can be stored here, though permission from the security department must be obtained first when it concenrs dangerous or toxic goods, or weaponry.

Shuttles, Shuttle Bays & Landing Platforms

Starphoenix being a planetary base, it is very common for a large amount of shuttles to land and take off. A variety of shuttlebays are provided to accomodate all types of vessels. For starships or shuttles of a larger size, landing platforms are provided just outside the city of Starphoenix.

Starphoenix owns a serious amount of special Starphoenix Runabouts, mainly intended for patroling the planet itself and the vicinity of the station, or to transport yourself to other locations on the planet for scientific research, since the forests are usually so wild that it is impossible to travel thorugh them, and the mountains have dangerous and tricky rocks.

Transporter Room

The transporter room of the station is in fact surprisingly small. The logic behind this is quite obvious however: there is little need for a large transporter room. Most people who wish to visit the station, either land with their shuttle or ship, or beam into one of the main public halls of the station. Therefore, the transporter room is more used for transporting official diplomatic visitors, so they can be properly welcomed.

The transporter system of the station, however, is much more powerful than the small room may let you suspect. It is capable of transporting large amounts of cargo from a vessel in orbit around the planet, toward the cargo bays, and back. This saves everyone alot of time loading and unloading cargo, and having to land the ship every time.

Living Quarters

Living quarters on the station come in all kind of sizes, though there are but a few really large ambassadorial rooms available. Many of the living quarters in the station are built for officers who share rooms. The living quarters of people who inhabit the city, are generally larger and more luxury, to accomodate families with children as well.


Located in the same building as the pub and restaurant, the holodecks are free to use for everyone. They are mainly occupied by the science department for research, or simply by people wanting to run their own personal program. The holodeck database provides a large amount of holodeck programs, and also the possibility to create your own.