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The Talonion logo.
A Talonion.
The planet Talonis, the Talonion homeworld.
View of a Talonion landscape.
A Talonion space ship.


As you can tell the Talonions look exactly like birds in appearance. One thing though that you can not tell by the picture below is their hands, while the rest of them looks exactly like a bird they have humanoid hands that have 3 fingers. This enables them to use the control panels on there ships and various facilities among other things.

The Talonions are a very peaceful species, located right outside the Van'Gu Cluster they are highly aquainted with the Yzakian Species. Although today they are very peaceful it was not always so. At one time they were indulged in a fierce Civil War. The planet is home to two types of Talonions, The type that you see below and the other type look exactly similar except their colour. Needless to say though the Talonions have become more than tolerant of each other and today they don't even think anything of the colour difference.

The Talonion homeworld has a very warm climate which is good because due to the bone structure of this species they are not able to withstand the cold temperatures that one might find on planets such as Earth.


While at home the Talonions prefer to use there natural ability to fly to get from place to place, thats right! The Talonions have the ability to fly from place to place with their wings!

Talonion ships are very small and only carry a small crew alotment, the reason for this is because most Talonions really would prefer not to leave there homeworld, they find space travel uncomfortable due to it being so confined which hinders there ability to fly. Thankfully though there are a few Talonions that are more adventerous and do travel in Space. It is due to this adventerous spirit that some Talonions have that has allowed them to be one of the founding members of the Delta Alliance.